Day 1 Highlights – Bus Ride to Five Points Station

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  • Marta usage tutorial, Personal safety tips, Bus ride from Grant Park to the Five Points station downtown, and Safety briefing from Marta Police Officer.
  • Brisk walk to CNN Center Explored the attractions there, and gathered more information about personal safety from a CNN Center Security Officer.

Bonding break was a success with some splash time in the Olympic tribute fountain area, and discus frisbee catch and throw, followed by lunch at CNN Center.

Mel DowdellDay 1 Highlights – Bus Ride to Five Points Station
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ATL-Cruzers City Tour

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We visited several in-town neighborhoods Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward, Midtown, and Edgewood. We also toured the historic King Center, and the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, which is the oldest in the city.

Lots of historical knowledge gained. Viewed the city through the eyes of a tourist with 2 electric carts and 2 great tour guides.

Mel DowdellATL-Cruzers City Tour
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Day 5 Highlights – Marta visit to Grant Park

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Marta made a special visit to Grant Park to show our campers the newest bus in their fleet. New buses feature 11 cameras inside and out, audio recording, front posted bike racks, improved handicap accessibility, dual climate control front to back of the bus, improved emergency exits, comfortable seats, and an improved driver cockpit with comforts and GPS to track the route.

Presentations from Marta Community Relations Manager, Marta Police Sergeant, Breeze Card Operations Manager, Chief Safety Officer, and Bus Operator – they all shared with us how Marta is making usage easier for the patrons.

Mel DowdellDay 5 Highlights – Marta visit to Grant Park
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Second grade: What your child should know

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The purpose of this segment is to help connect what is known about students’ cognitive development with what you want them to understand about science concepts and the nature of science. Use this brief description, combined with your knowledge of your students, to guide you in making instructional decisions appropriate for your grade level.

Adri DowdellSecond grade: What your child should know
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The Art of Managing Middle School Students

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Squirrels. That is what they remind me of. We were all that age once and we were all just like squirrels! Have you ever watched a squirrel? Zoom, freeze for two seconds, flick tail, and repeat. The trick for being a successful middle school teacher is holding their attention for more than just those few seconds. Believing that that is possible requires a huge leap of faith and trust.

Mel DowdellThe Art of Managing Middle School Students
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